The GCL is about people. It is about Athletes, Coaches, Principals, Athletic Directors, dedicated parents, loyal alumni and supporters. It is a league that has produced 109 State Team Championships and 313 athletes who have won Individual State Titles. It is a league whose member schools have been recognized as 'Mythical' National Champions, as well as consistent 'Top-Ten' National ranking in a variety of sports.


The league has been blessed over the years by the services of many civic-minded gentlemen who have accepted the mantel of serving as league president. The very first president was Dr. M. Scott Kearns (1931-1933). Dr. Kearns was the Hamilton County Coroner at the time he held this post. He was succeeded in office by Leo Dubois, a prominent businessman (1933-1935). Adam J. Meyer, a coal company executive, became the league's third president and held the position for six years. Ed Waldvogel, a man destined to later serve as the Mayor of Cincinnati, held the reins for the next three years. The next man to hold this position was a 'jack of all trades..' and a legendary Cincinnati sports' figure- John 'Socko' Wiethe. During his high school days 'Socko' was a multi-sport star at Roger Bacon. This was followed by an outstanding career at Xavier University and a professional career with the Detroit Lions of the NFL. Upon returning to Cincinnati John became involved in a wide variety of enterprises. He became a 'force' in local politics. He even found time to serve as the Head Basketball Coach at the University of Cincinnati. When the time constraints of his many duties became too great, John passed the Presidency on to A.J. 'Bud' Schaub in 1964.

It was during 'Bud's' watch that the league underwent its first dramatic changes since its inception. La Salle, McNicholas and Moeller High schools had increased the league membership. At this time the league also began to realize a more prominent role on both the State and National scene. When business responsibilities made it necessary for 'Bud' to retire in 1981, the GCL turned to Paul Schildmeyer, a Roger Bacon grad, to carry on the duties of President. Paul's tenure (soon to be 31 years) has been the longest and for certain the most successful period in the history of the league. A most significant feature of Paul's era would be the 1990-1991 expansion of the league to the North (six co-ed schools)/South (four all-male schools). All ten member schools have enjoyed almost unbelievable success over the past fourteen years.


Although the 'original' four schools had begun competing in Baseball, Basketball, and Football in the 1928-1929 school year it was not until October 6, 1931 that they came together as a formal League entity. The very first meeting took place in the office of the man selected to be the first President of the GCL- Dr. M. Scott Kearns (the Hamilton County Coroner). In addition to the President, those present were:

• Elder High- Coach Walter Bartlett

• Purcell High- Bro. William Schroeder S.M. (who would attend every meeting until 1962), Coach Paul Cain

• Roger Bacon- Rev. Odo Kempker O.F.M., Coaches Joe Morrissey and Edward Burns

• Xavier University High-(St. Xavier)- Mr. James F. Maguire S.J., Coach Harold Rolph

• Mr. Joe King was present to serve as Secretary.

Along with the new league structure came the beginning of competition of Golf, Swimming, Tennis and Track for the four schools.


Rev. Arthur Froehle was the Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools. The football double-header, the crown jewel of the GCL's sports year was held at Redlands Field on November 11, 1932. Ticket prices-adult $.50, four for $1.00.


Xavier University representatives Joseph Meyer and Clem Crowe were present at the first meeting to offer the use of the University's facilities to the GCL league. Rental costs were presented as: Football - day game $25 and night game $60; Basketball - day game $15 and night game $30. In addition Mr. Meyer, the Xavier University Athletic Director submitted a letter to the League formalizing the offer from the University to present a trophy to honor the All-Sports Champion. Mr. Leo V. DuBois was elected as the new President. In one of his first acts as President he set up a "constitution" committee. Members were becoming quite unhappy with the original document.


Mr. Adam Meyer was chosen as the third President of the young league. On December 27, 1935 the league held its first basketball double-header at XU's Schmidt Fieldhouse. Income was $97.20. Expenses where $70.00. Total profit was $6.80 per school. At the May meeting of 1936 the league decided to hold the league Track championships at Western Hills High school, since Elder had made the "lengthy jaunt" to Withrow the two previous years.


This is the first year that there was a significant break-through in the attendance at the GCL Football Double-header at Xavier University's Corcoran Field. An estimated 11,000 saw the games of November 11, 1938. The receipts from the games were $3,467, expenses $675, total profit of $2,792. Each participating school received a share of $698.


The success of the Double-header continued as the estimated attendance was 10,000 and each school realized about $650 for its share of the revenue.


The league raised the ticket prices for football to Adults $.60, Students $.30. Fr. James Krusling, who had served as the Elder AD and as a member of the GCL committee for the past eleven years, left to serve as a chaplain in the military. He was replaced by Fr. Buddelmeier.


The league continued to visit the football ticket prices. Adults at the gate became $1.10, adult-presale was increased to $.85. The 1944 game share for each school reached a record of almost $950. Also, at this time Fr. Erwin Bertke was named as the new Elder AD.


By this time- Football Tickets for the League Doubleheader were $1.50 at the gate and $1.25 pre-sale. Basketball doubleheader tickets were $1.00. At the meeting November 4, 1947 there was a short discussion on the possible acceptance of Newport Catholic and Hamilton Catholic to the League.


This appears to be the first year of Fr. Alan Heet's service to the league as the Roger Bacon AD. At the league meeting of February 18, 1949 the group voted to approve the league memberships of Newport Catholic and Hamilton Catholic for Basketball as well as for the such Spring Sports as they might wish to participate in. Newport Catholic would also be eligible to join in Football in the fall of 1949. Hamilton Catholic chose not to join in Football for the present. Chaminade HS was also present for these discussions. It was stated by their rep that they did not feel that this league affiliation was in their best interest at that time.


In November of 1950, H.W. Emswiler, the Commissioner of the OHSAA at the incidence of the public schools sector of the constituency accepted a proposal called "Equalization of Territory". This was essentially an attempt to once again address an issue raised sixteen years earlier. It was felt that the 'Private schools' enjoyed an unfair advantage. In April of 1951, the Commissioner, in a presentation to the Ohio Principals' Association indicated that the OHSAA was not in favor of the "zoning plan" that was presented. The plan was withdrawn. Bro. John Strickroth S.M., the Principal of Hamilton Catholic submitted a letter to the League requesting that HC be released from their obligation of being a member in Football.


Mr. Woody Sander was named the General Chairman of a Promotion Committee to increase the attendance at the Football Doubleheader. This Committee was comprised of a wide spectrum of prominent Cincinnati sports' personalities of that era. The Game program was upgraded to sixteen pages. Each of the four schools was asked to solicit $300 worth of ads. As an incentive to sell tickets each school would be allowed to retain the first $1000 of their pre-sale. A special effort was made to sell even the 'box seats' at Corcoran Field.


A suggestion was made to 'spread out' the league schedule in Football, so that no school will have to play two league games in succession. In May of 1958, Bro. Bill Schroeder proposed that all schools sponsor Cross-Country and Bowling teams in the upcoming school year. All voted to begin CC competition in the fall of 1958. A decision on Bowling was set aside. McNicholas was to be included in the Frosh FB schedule in the fall of '58.


At the 9/1/1960 meeting of the GCL there was a brief discussion on the need for an 'active' President. The point was made, as there would soon be seven (7) active members, this need was essential. Fr. Alan Heet was asked to succeed Bro. William Schroeder S.M. as the league's secretary. League scheduling duties were set as follows: Football-Purcell & Roger Bacon, Basketball-McNicholas, Baseball- Elder, Swimming/Diving-St. Xavier, Track-Roger Bacon, Tennis-St. X, Golf-Purcell.


At the October 3, 1961 meeting a letter was read from Mr. John Wiethe. In the letter Mr. Wiethe reminded the League that "he was still the League president". On December 5, 1961 Fr. Alan Heet was asked to contact John Wiethe regarding his continue interest in serving as an 'active' president of the league. In early February of 1962 Fr. Erwin Bertke, who had been serving as the Elder AD was given a parish responsibility. Fr. Edward Rudemiller was named to replace him in his duties at Elder. St. Rita High School petitioned the league to participate at the Reserve level in football. The league received a letter addressed to Msgr. Franer, the Assistant Superintendent of the Archdiocese Schools dated 5/3/1962 from W.J. McConnell, the Commissioner of the OHSAA, granting membership to Moeller and La Salle High Schools.


One full year after receiving the letter from Mr. Wiethe, and some ten months after he had been contacted by Fr. Alan, there as still no 'active' league president. At the meeting of October 2, 1962 Mr. Jim Connor, representing Newport Catholic was present to request admission to the league. The plan was for the school to become a full-time member by the 1965-1966 school year. A small committee was set up to work on this idea. All members were reminded of Rule 11 of the OHSAA-"All Coaches, even assistants, must be teachers in the school in which they coach."


Msgr. Franer proposed to the member that A.J. 'Bud' Schaub be selected as the new President of the GCL. Mr. Schaub's election was unanimous. On October 6, 1964 He presided over his first meeting as GCL President. At that meeting the league members discussed a letter from the OHSAA appealing for 'crowd control' at all activities. By early 1965 the arrangements had been completed to provide a League Championship trophy in every Varsity sport. In a meeting in May of '65 the league principals decided that there would be "no freshman football practice" until the day after Labor Day.


In was decided that Elder would be responsible for the running of the Cross-Country League Championship, St. Xavier would handle Swimming, and Moeller would do Wrestling. The 1966 FB Doubleheader brought each of the participating schools a $400 net from the game-day revenues. The question of the 'conduct of coaches' was brought before the league. It was agreed that the individual Athletic Directors would address the issue in their schools. If it is felt there was no improvement the matter would be referred to the Principals. It was decided to discontinue the practice of playing Sunday league games in basketball, beginning in 1967-1968. AS the school year ended La Salle name Mr. Bill Cady as the school's new AD, replacing Bro. Kevin Terry.


In an attempt to clarify an almost constant issue before the league the GCL system for the Rating and Assigning of Varsity Officials was established and published. Fr. Rudemiller presented all of the members with a copy of the Elder Record Book. There was some talk of preparing a "League" Record Book. In one of the best attended Football Doubleheaders in recent memory each participating school received just over $1600 as their game-day share. Mr. Charles Montgomery was named to replace Mr. Bogenshutz as the AD of McNicholas.


The league meeting of 12/4/69 brought about the end of an era. The GCL announced that it was discontinuing the annual GCL Football Doubleheader-a staple of the league since 1932. The President sent a letter to Msgr. Franer asking for the Superintendent's opinion on the fact that there were known-instances in which some of our league schools were allowing 'non-teaching' personnel to serve as coaches-an apparent violation of OHSAA Rule 12. Msgr.'s March 1970 reply-"Non'certified and non-teaching personnel have no place on the coaching staffs of any of our GCL High Schools." Dick Berning was named as the new St. Xavier AD.


Gerry Faust proposed that the league consider adding Soccer as a League Championship sport in the Fall of 1972. In the spring of 1972 Moeller captured its first-ever State Championship in a team sport as Mike Cameron led the Crusader Baseball team to the title.


This school year probably can be best characterized as the "Year of the Panther". The fall saw the Elder football team steamroll through an "undefeated" season. So dominant was this squad that except for six points which were scored against them by St. X in a game which ended in a 6-6 tie, they were even 'unscored on'. The scoring play by the Bombers came via a play on which their TE Rob Schoenhoft threw the game-tying pass to the QB Greg Jones. Newspaper quotes following this very intense contest served to add even more excitement to this outcome. Dave Schuler of Elder won the GCL's first-ever individual State Championship in Wrestling. Elder captured the State Basketball Championship under Head Coach Paul "Hans" Frey. The Panthers' championship march continued unstopped into the spring as they capture the school's eighth State title in Baseball. The GCL was the subject of a small article in "Sports Illustrated". The popular magazine indicated that the league was instrumental in the OHSAA modifying its position on how to resolve ties in its football contest. In the 1971 football season the GCL had enjoyed a 28-1-1 record in its non-league outings and was adamant that it would not accept the notion that a tie should be treated as a loss for both schools.


This was the final season as an 'active' coach for Roger Bacon legend Bron Bacevich. Brother William 'Bill' Schroeder S.M., a founding-father of the GCL passed away. The Elder Panthers won the State Basketball Championship for the second year in a row. In typical GCL fashion, Dick Berning of St. Xavier revisited the issue of pre-sale tickets versus seating capacity which the league had reviewed in the 1967-1968 school year. In March of 1974 Cincinnati Enquirer writer Denny Dressman penned an outstanding article entitled "Cincy earns nod as Ohio Prop Sports Capital".


"Bud" Schaub completed his tenth (10th) year as league President in October. The yearly "sportsmanship program" initiated and nurtured by Fr. Rudy and others was in its fifth year and doing well.


In fourth season of the State Football Playoffs the Moeller Crusaders, led by Gerry Faust broke through the claim the school's first title. Under the leadership of Bron Bacevich, the League ran a GCL Basketball Triple-header at the Riverfront Coliseum. Each school received slightly less than $300 as its share after expenses. The league began its first discussion of plans for the Golden Jubliee celebration in 1978-1979. Preliminary suggestions included: the preparation of a 'league' record book; a Banquet; newspaper inserts.


Bob Kruger (La Salle) and Ross Butler (Xavier) were welcomed as 'new' Athletic Directors of their respective schools. Elder announced that the capacity of their new gym would be 1900. It was also indicated that they planned to offer the 'visiting' school 550 seats. At the 1/12/81 meeting President Schaub announced his intended retirement after 17 years of "super" service to the league. Fr. Alan, Neal Connor, and Mike Honold will determine a suitable tribute for "Bud" to honor his service to the league. A committee, drawn by lot, is to determine the candidates for the league Presidency. This committee will consist of Principals Bro. Dennis Johnson S.M. (Purcell), Mr. D'Amico (La Salle) and Athletic Directors Fr. Alan Heet O.F.M. (Roger Bacon) and Ross Butler (St. Xavier). Paul Schildmeyer was the choice of this group to become the new President of the GCL. Paul was introduced at the May meeting and assumed his duties at the meeting of 6/3/1981. Mr. Schaub was presented with a watch in appreciation for his service to the League.


The 'ever-present' issue of the "number of Football coaches" was discussed at the August, September and October meetings. At the October meeting a formal recommendation was made for 'all' sports on this question. Approval was granted to Purcell to drop out of the league on the Frosh and Reserve levels in football. Congratulations were extended to Roger Bacon for winning the 1982 State Basketball Championship. The league Principals were asked to attempt to resolve the 'number of coaches' issue.


At the October meeting it was announced that McNicholas was interested in joining the GCL. It was discussed that possibly Alter and C-J might have some interest as well. Two committees were set up - (LaS, E, RB) athletic directors were asked to work on a new ticket price structure for All sports, (P,M,St. X) A.D.s were to work on a new salary scale for coaches. Elder won the 1982 State Cross-Country Championship. Mike Cameron of Moeller decided to give up his duties as Athletic Director. Jeff Liebert was named by the school as his replacement. Fr. Alan Heet O.F.M. was presented with a plague in honor of his 34 years of service to the league as the Roger Bacon Athletic Director. Bro. Gene Mayer O.F.M. was named to replace Fr. Alan.\


St. Xavier won the 1983 State Soccer Championship.


A lengthy discussion was held on the lack of quality officials available for Soccer. Bob Krueger and Mike Honold submitted a 'revised' proposal for scoring for the GCL All-Sports Trophy. The Athletic Directors approved it by a 5-1 vote and sent it on to the Principals for their review. In the proposed revision the sports of Fb, Bskt, Base, Wr, and Tr would be weighted on an 80-60-40-20 point scale for a 1st/2nd/3rd/4th place finish, while G, X-c, Sw, and Te would be weighted on a 40-30-20-10 scale. Feldhaus Sporting Goods agreed to provide a 'new'GCL Baseball Championship Trophy. St. Patrick's KofC is donating a 'new' GCL Basketball Championship Trophy. Purcell Marian won the 1985 State Basketball Championship.


St. Xavier won the GCL All-Sports Championship Trophy for the 25th time. The Archdiocesan Commission on Educatoins ruled that parochial high school athletes must attend the high school within their residential district in order to be eligible to participate in athletics.


Cross-Country-Elder and La Salle finished in 1-2 order in the 1986 State Championship race. By unanimous vote of the Athletic Directors the league voted to play the league Football schedule in weeks 5 thru 9 beginning in the 1989 season. The Basketball Triple-header was not well received by the schools, especially those who gave up a home game. It did not bring in any reasonable attendance on revenue. Bob Krueger ended 8 years of service as the AD at La Salle. Dan Flynn was named to replace Bob.


Football-OSHAA instituted the "overtime rule" for all levels of play. The President distributed a 'formal' policy dealing with the guidelines for athletic participation during Holy Week. In April of 1988 Jim Lippincott took over as AD of Moeller.


In February of 1989 La Salle announced plans for a new 'home' football stadium, with a 1990 season opening. In March of 1989 preliminary discussion began on the subject of realignment and expansion of the GCL. Congratulations were extended to Mike Cameron and the Moeller Crusaders on capturing the 1989 State Baseball Championship.


Basketball- Athletic Directors voted 4-2 to not continue the triple-header. Congratulations were extended to Elder-the 1989 State Cross-Country Champions and the Roger Bacon- the 1989 State Soccer Champions. In a letter dated 1/10/1990 the President indicated that Alter, Chaminade-Julienne, Badin and McNicholas had agreed to the planned expansion of the GCL. A first-ever meeting of all ten (10) schools was held at St. Xavier on 1/29/1990.


This was the first year of the 'new' GCL, now known as the Greater Catholic League. The league consists of a North Division (Alter, Badin, Chaminade-Julienne, McNicholas, Purcell Marian and Roger Bacon) and a South Division (Elder, La Salle, Moeller and St. Xavier). Beginning with the 1991-1992 school year Dave Boettger, the McNick AD will handle the scheduling of Tennis for the league.


Basketball- it was announced that the Joe Hellner Foundation would sponsor the GCL All-Star Banquet. On the topic of seating, it was again agreed that a 60%/40% allotment would be used, if possible. The GCL All Sports Champion will be determined by a weighting of 8-6-4-2 for ALL sports. Jim Lippincott resigned as the AD of Moeller. Dick Beerman and Barry Borman were named as the Co-Athletic Directors at Moeller.


Volleyball- a survey of the interest in this sport indicated that five member schools had plans to begin this sport in the spring of 1995.


In the summer of 1993 the OSHAA voted to place a referendum on the ballot to the Principals seeking approval to conduct 'separate' State Championships for the "Private" High schools. La Salle announced plans for the installation of a new all-weather track in their stadium. John Morgan was introduced as the new Athletic Director of Roger Bacon, replacing Bro. Gene Mayer O.F.M.


The League voted in favor of considering the use of three officials for Varsity Basketball games. Plans were presented by the President to play five League Basketball games at the Shoemaker center. The first games was to be a 1:00 PM start and the fifth to be a 8:00PM start. The thought was to repeat this at the University of Dayton Arena on the same weekend in the 1995-1996 season. At the 1/9/1995 meeting the Athletic Directors voted 8-2 to discontinue the "cross-over" games in football. Joe Staley gave up the AD responsibilities at C-J.


Basketball- the league voted that beginning with the presentation for this year the "Coach of the Year" award would be named in honor of Dick Berning, the outstanding coach of St. Xavier for so very many years. In other action by a vote of 6-2-2 it was affirmed that the League would begin to use three officials for Varsity games in the 1996-1997 season.


Moeller proposed that the South schools agree to begin to play and "A" and a "B" game on the freshman level in an effort to provide a greater number of opportunities for these athletes to participate in a meaningful way. Soccer - congratulations to Alter, the 1996 State Champions.


Tom Nerl replaced Terry Meinking as the AD of Purcell Marian. Gerry Weisgerber became the replacement for Terry Malone as the AD at Badin.


Basketball- congratulations to Moeller, the 1999 State Champions.


La Salle will begin to participate in the League Volleyball Championships in the spring of 2000. Sportsmanship guidelines were discussed and will be sent to the Principals. Sister Kathryn Ann Connelly S.C., the Archdiocesan Superintendent advised ALL School administrators that any school not in compliance with the Archdiocese Decree on Coaches' Conduct would face the risk of having no coverage under the Archdiocesan Liability Insurance policy.


It was necessary to once again revisit the number of coaches per sport question in order to properly comply with the Archdiocesan Decree on Coaches Conduct.


The League is still seeking to clarify the 'Coaches' limits'. President asked that the AD responsible for each sport please submit his/her recommendation to the members prior to the December meeting. The 'coaches' limitations' proposed by the Athletic Directors responsible for each sport will be: Baseball V-3; JV-2; F-2 Basketball V-3; JV-2; F-2 Bowling 2 per team Football 12:1 ratio Tennis 2 per team Track 8 or 12:1 Volleyball V-3; JV-2; F-2 Wrestling V-3; JV-2; F-2; or 12:1 These proposals passed by an 8-2 vote. The GCL website: GCLsports.com is in full operation and is counting upon the input of all member schools.


In Bowling it is felt that the 'League' format is working out quite well. It was agreed by all Athletic Directors that the athletes with the top-ten averages in Division would be honored as All-Stars. The top five being designated as First-Team, the next five as Second Team.


Terry Malone, the Head Football Coach at Hamilton Badin retired from coaching the Rams. He closed out his 46 year career as a Head Coach with 349 wins. This total ranks as the All-Time Best-Ever in the State of Ohio. In February of 2004, Badin named David Wirth to replace Terry. At the December 8, 2003 meeting the League began preliminary discussion of its plans to celebrate 75th Anniversary of the GCL. The thought was to spread this celebration over the entire 2004-2005 school year. At this point the 'only' definite date was for a Mass of celebration at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral on Sunday, May 1, 2005. The President announced at the meeting in February of 2004 that the fledgling GCL website had received over 250,000 hits. Badin announced that Dan McCoy would become it new Golf coach. Purcell Marian accepted the resignation of Cliff Pope as their Wrestling coach. A replacement is being sought. St. Xavier appointed John Sullivan as the school's new Athletic Director. John will be taking over for Pete Boylan, who is returning to the private sector after twelve very successful years as AD.


Preliminary discussions began on the possible entry of Dayton Carroll and Middletown Fenwick into the league. The popularity of the 'Quad' match concept on the Varsity level brought the decision to expand this practice to the JV level in the fall of 2005. In the sport of Track the change was going in an opposite direction. The Athletic Directors voted to discontinue the GCL Relays, an event that typically began each season for almost twenty-five (25) years. The fact that in over most of its existence this meet was forced to battle extreme weather conditions of wind and temperature made this a very logical decision. By January of 2005 the fledgling GCL Web-Site had proven the value of its existence to the tune of over 259,000 'hits'.


After many years of 'tweaking', the Athletic Directors voted to do whatever was necessary to include both the First and Second Team Football All-Star selections in the awards dinner. When the league had expanded in 1992, the Purcell Knights of Columbus hall lacked the capacity to handle the inclusion of both the First and Second Team honorees. The K of C committee was gracious enough to accept a move to the Kolping facility in Mt. Healthy as a means of dealing with the space issue. Both Carroll and Fenwick were accepted into a three division GCL league structure. Four teams comprised the membership of a North, Central and South Division within the GCL umbrella. Bowling was approved by the OHSAA as a state sanctioned sport. The GCL Web-Site rolled successfully along, as it topped 412,000 'hits' by February of 2006. The spring of 2006 saw a 'revolving-door' of change throughout the league - with the departure of Jim Place at Chaminade-Julienne there were two positions to be filled. Mike Raiff was named the school's new AD, Andy Heim became the Eagles new Football coach. Fred Cranford and Brian Miller were named as the new Head Football coaches at Fenwick and Purcell Marian respectively.


The proposal was made to have the GCL Track Championship run on a Wednesday - Prelim, Thursday - Finals schedule. The plus being two-fold, that Friday could serve as a back-up date in the event of bad weather and that this would afford one additional day of 'recovery' before the District schedule of the following week. A February review of the GCL Web-Site revealed an impressive 514,000 'hits'.


In the sport of Wrestling the ADs voted to hold the Freshman GCL Tournament at a separate site. It was also decided that the JV & Varsity Championships would be run simultaneously at a single site. With the proposal from the OHSAA that a 'Coaching Course' might be introduced in an effort to train coaches, the league discussed the already demanding requirements of finger-printing, the child-protection course and pupil activity demands currently in place. The schools of the North and Central Divisions began to push for a reduction of the expectation in the sport of Basketball that they play all four South Division schools. A schedule was developed to attempt to address this question at least in a compromised format.


In an almost logical and anticipated sequence, the 'league scheduling' issue became a dominant point of concern and discussion throughout this school-year. In a March, 2009 joint meeting of Principals and Athletic Directors this topic was given a very high priority. At the heart of the discussion is the widening disparity in enrollment between the twelve member schools. Adding to the complexity of this fact is the reality that the dynamic of change in enrollment is in a few instances in a positive direction, although for most member schools it is not. By January of 2009, the league Web-Site continue to maintain an average of approximately 125,000 'hits' per year as it reached a 770,000 total.

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